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3D CoolPad™ Chamois / Pro-Shorts


3D CoolPad™ Chamois / Pro-Shorts

3D COOLPAD™ Chamois is ergonomically-designed to fit the human body and is precisely finished to give a consistent product and provide the benefits of its 3D design.

The high-quality surface material has two features. Firstly, it keeps the wearer cool with its fast self-drying action. Secondly, it provides constant freshness due to its odour, mildew and bacteria-resistant qualities. This excellent material provides maximum comfort to the wearer while cycling.

To ensure the best quality, especially-selected durable inner materials are used to provide optimum shock protection. This strong lightweight and no-stitch design provides long-lasting comfort and rub resistance, and decreases the vibration and shock felt from the road surface - assisting all cyclists to reach their best possible performance and endurance.

 Key Features:
  • Keeps rider cool with fast self-drying action
  • Provides constant freshness from odour, mildew and bacteria-resistant qualities
  • Provides maximum rider comfort and optimum shock protection & vibration resistance
  • Robust and lightweight no-stitch design
  • Provides long-lasting comfort and rub resistance

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